18. august 2011

Pulsmåling ved træning af travheste

Ved træning af travheste er trådløs pulsmåling en rigtig god ting. Efter arbejdet kan man se den præcise sammenhæng mellem puls og fart - og endnu vigtigere - man kan se hvor hurtigt pulsen falder efter arbejdet. Det er Polar Equine RS800CX-G3, der er brugt ved det viste eksempel. (Klik på billedet for at se større udgave).

Sammenhængen mellem puls og kørt distance kan også vises:

Eksemplet er fra Bornholms Travbane, hvor farten i det pågældende arbejde er nedsat i hvert eneste af de meget skarpe sving.

7. august 2011

Hambletonian 2011 - Broad Bahn

Broad Bahn (George Brennan) went wire-to-wire without a serious challenge to win the $1.5 million Hambletonian for 3-year-old trotters on Saturday (August 6) at the Meadowlands in 1:53 by 3-1/2 lengths.

Broad Bahn is trained by Noel Daley, and owned by Leif Albér of Copenhagen. It was the first Hambletonian victory for both trainer and owner.

Congrats to Leif Albér with the greatest triumph of a Danish-owned horse ever. Also congrats to Ole Bach, who bought the horse for Leif Albér at Harrisburg for only $20,000.

1  Broad Bahn, George Brennan 1.10.2 73 (Broadway Hall)
2. Whiskey Tax, Randall Waples 1:10,6 400
3. Opening Night, John Campbell 1:10,9 110
4. Chapter Seven, Mike Lachance 1:10,9 32
5. Pastor Stephen, Ron Pierce 1:11,0 126
6. Luckycharm Hanover, Dave Miller 1:11,0 468
7. Whit, Tim Tetrick 1:11,1 100

"I slapped him on the butt to get him out of there and I said to him in the stretch, 'I did my job, now it's all up to you,'" said George Brennan. "When Andy (Miller) came alongside me (with Manofmanymissions) I asked him for trot and he had it. He was on his toes.

"He was really good today. When Noel came off the track (after warming him up) he said he was awesome and he couldn't have been more right. Noel is one of my better friends, we hang out a lot. I am at a loss for words."

Brennan, who won the Hambletonian Oaks a race earlier with Bold And Fresh, became only the second driver to win the Oaks and Hambo in the same year; Brian Sears did it with Broadway Schooner and Muscle Hill in 2009.

"He doesn't have to be lucky when you can do it on the front end, that helps," said Daley. "For a big race I was really confident, we had a great run, no sickness, no problems, nothing."

"Every horse that took the front end got beat today," said Ole Bach, speaking for Danish owner Leif Alber, a real estate developer. "I didn't dare tell him (Alber). When I saw the :56 (half) I said, 'Thank God.' The Hambletonian people couldn't have picked it any better on the buttons they gave us -- he's like a big steam engine. This is a life altering experience for his (Alber's) family; we picked this yearling out for $20,000 (at the Standardbred Horse Sale at Harrisburg) and here we are winning a $1.5 million race."

Video of the race